Superb Safaris

A work of art is above all an adventure of mind!

SUPERB AFRICA SAFARIS is a tour company that specializes in Travel in Africa. Superb Africa Safaris is a privately owned company with our offices in Nairobi - Kenya. Our interactive website allows travelers to find their dream holiday destinations in Africa.

From the turbulent lands of the Great Rift Valley to the thirst lands of the Namib Desert, the pyramids and the Nile in Egypt, the wetlands of the Zambezi River, the Okavango Delta and the contrasts of the Southern Africa. From the bushveld, savannah pushes towards a long rugged coastline, SUPERB AFRICA SAFARIS reveals the continent in all its many contrasts and moods.

We have put together various accommodation facilities in 11 different countries.

SUPERB AFRICA SAFARIS is dedicated to ensuring that you receive a personalized service from us, that you receive value for money and that your experience of Africa will truly be memorable.

The animals of Africa, from the mighty elephant, endless columns of migrating wildebeests to the endangered mountain gorilla are covered in our various itineraries.

Our vision is simple: To be the best tour company in Africa offering affordable packages in the continent and beyond.
We look forward to assisting you!